Taylor Swift Says Fans Are Well After Posting Photos Of Midshow Hand Injury

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“Red” was unfortunately more than just a metaphor. Taylor Swift Over the weekend, fans took to social media after the three-night stadium booth in Houston was hugged to share photos and videos of what appeared to be a horribly injured hand in the middle of the second of three concerts in the city.

On Monday, Swift took to social media and admitted while underestimating the injury, as she did by continuing the show on Saturday despite what appeared to be a bloody incident during an offstage costume change.

“To those asking how I cut my hand,” Swift said in a tweet, “I’m fine and it was all my fault – my foot caught in the hem of my dress and fell backstage in the dark as I was running for a quick change – he grabbed my hand. fall with my palm. It was all very Mercury retrograde coded. For me.” don’t worry, I’m fine,” he added, kissing his fans an emoji.

He added his thanks to the three Houston audiences and added three photos from the concerts… none of them bloody festivals.

Naturally, attentive fans had a lot more context for when and where the injury occurred on set… and a huge amount of admiration for Swift’s continued performance on the show, which looked like painful skin loss and didn’t require much in the end. – adhesive bandage.

Here’s a typically detailed account from successful Twitter reporter @lovr_23: “For those wondering about Taylor’s wrist, here’s the thing: ‘Tolerate It’ -> RFI (‘…Ready for It) cut right under the palm of her hand during a break. Her wrist ” She’s fine at the end of Tolerate It, and when you come down from the stage for RFI you see blood on the side of her palm. The reporter said, “The Reputation” episode of the show, “It keeps bleeding the rest of the Rep.” “When she changes into her ‘Enchanted’ dress, they put a Bandaid on her but it’s fine. you can see it doesn’t stick… The bandaid is really starting to fall off the red row and you can finally see it start to grab the flapping piece with his fingers. lol… During the ‘Folklore’ quick change, they wrap it with something to make it stick, but then at some point during ‘Folklore’ the TOP of his hand starts to bleed. I have no idea how it happened… when he came back for ‘1989’ he has a proper band-aid on both the top and bottom of his wrist and thankfully it stays for the rest of the show :)”

How blood flowed from both sides of Swift’s hand seemed destined to remain an unsolved mystery, according to multiple fan accounts. And then, just like that, it resolved, because @lovr_23 did some research and reported: “He didn’t cut the top of his hand, it’s just a piece of red confetti stuck in a bandage. Only the bottom of his palm was cut off; (red confetti) It doesn’t show up until MTR (‘My Tears Ricochet’) … so I think he got there while he was on the ground for illicit affairs. lol, you can even see the shadow.”

There’s no word from the US government whether the Swifties will be retroactively put into the Zapruder movie to finally solve the JFK assassination.

Swift’s obsession with pushing herself through the remaining two-thirds of a show that lasted more than three hours wasn’t the only thing the actress had trended lately, although she literally left some appearances in the game.

By Sunday, the phrase “I’m done with TAYLOR SWIFT” became one of the most trending terms on Twitter, making many Swifts worried at first before further search results made the context clear. It turned out to be a joke uttered by (or at least pretended to be) fans pretending to be upset by the fact that he chose to do some coveted surprise songs on the nights they didn’t attend.

At Houston’s NRG Stadium, “Begin Again” and “Cold as You” on night 3, “A Place in This World” and “Today Was a Fairytale” on night 2 were disturbing one-off tours. danger of a temporary drop of blood on your guitar) and “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry” on opening night. Three of the six Houston-exclusive songs – “Sorry”, “Fairytale” and “Cold” – were performed live by Swift for the first time since 2013.

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