Taylor Swift Wire Phoebe Bridgers’ Catbird Necklace During Eras Tour

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Taylor Swift’s weekend MetLife Stadium concerts marked the deadlines of her term. term tour This feature will be Phoebe Bridgers as an opening curtain. That’s why Swift donned a dazzling piece of the singer to bid a heartwarming farewell to her close friend and co-worker. Catbird jewelry collection.

After bringing Bridgers onstage to voice their duet “Nothing New” from the cellar, Swift Catbird x Phoebe Bridgers Gives You Lunar Charm ($398) and Swimming Pool Chain ($498).

“You’re my hero,” Bridgers said before they gave a sweet hug and sang “Red-era” together on Sunday night. Swift said, “Thank you for being the friend you are to me. It was really something we could write to each other in a note: ‘Thank you for being a friend that I will never stop trusting and trusting. I love you with everything.’ But yes, we will sing together for the last time on this tour.

After seeing the magic moonstone necklaces, Catbird quickly restocked the luxury jewelry piece on their site so fans could have a chance to purchase their own necklace. But on their Instagram account, they’ve indicated that the re-release will be in limited quantities, so you’ll want to order yours quickly before they run out.

The moonstone is made of shiny 14k gold, including a hidden crescent moon detail. The words of “Moon Song” are engraved on the back in Bridgers’ handwriting: “I would give you the moon”.

Bridgers first teamed up with the celebrity favorite jewelry brand in December with the Kissing Skull Friend Charm Set, inspired by the famous skeleton obsession. Sold out in less than 24 hours, Catbird and Bridgers continued with a full collection, including the moonstone charm necklace that Swift wore. In honor of the collection, Catbird has also pledged to donate $25,000 to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

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