Taylor Swift’s 25 Best Bonus Tracks, From ‘Ours’ to ‘I Can See You’

by info.vocallyrics@gmail.com

Taylor Swift has been prolific enough that even the material she’s put out as bonuses — whether that’s added tracks on deluxe editions or Vault songs on her re-recordings — has added up to a whole separate library wing of its own. It’s open to question whether she has ever considered these actual discards, before deciding to bring them before her voracious public, or has greater strategies in mind. Sometimes they’ve showed up as soon as a a day later than the standard album in question, in the case of something like the “3am” assemblage that so shortly followed the release of “Midnights”; sometimes it’s taken a decade or more for outtakes to catch daylight, like some of the newly rendered Vault tracks that have been attached to her “Taylor’s Version” re-recordings of “Fearless,” “Speak Now” and “Red.” Fans devour these in whatever form and in whatever good time they come, but there’s always something especially fun and kind of proprietary about latching onto modern-day equivalents of the B-side as the tracks you hold most dear, even if, at Swift’s level of superstardom, none of these are really your little secret.

Here are 25 bonus tracks we’ve selected as her best — making some hard choices not to include recently issued favorites like, say, “When Emma Falls in Love.” (Not so hard, maybe: passing over “Superman.”) Swift could do an entire successful tour just based on material from this list… and in fact, she has played 18 of these 25 songs at some point on the Era Tour; we’ve annotated the entries with the dates when they were performed this year. From “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” to “Ours” to “Wonderland” to “I Can See You,” here’s a “B” list that merits a scarlet A+.

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