Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Could gross $1.4 Billion

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Taylor Swift‘S term tour A “B” appended to it is moving towards a few important criteria. report on Pollstar. As the global march moves from the Americas to Europe in 2024, it will certainly be the first round in business history to gross a billion dollars. It won’t end here though; Pollstar estimates the final revenue to be approximately $1.4 billion.

The live music trade broadcast admits it has made a fair amount of guesses about current and future grosses, but says the “crack numbers team” believes the tour will surpass the historic $1 billion at some point during Swift’s shows in Singapore. It will take place between 2-9 March 2024.

But there is still a long way to go (without overtime) before the tour concludes at Wembley Stadium in London on 17 August 2024. The publication is on the “conservative” side.

Pollstar may already have to revise its numbers upwards; A number of dates have been added to the European tour route since the trade report was released earlier this week. For example, Pollstar’s story talks about a three-night stand in Singapore, yet it has added three more shows there in just the last few days, bringing it to a total of six. (It even added one last show in the US this week, its sixth night at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium.)

Note that the “prudent” estimate of $1.4 counts only the face value as tickets are initially sold out. The actual amount of money spent by consumers on the Swift tour is much, much higher, with almost all resold tickets being several times their original value in the secondary market. Pollstar’s figures only cover the par value of tickets that fall under $500. The Swift camp is not the recipient of the rising prices that have seen four-figure sales of nearly all tickets currently on the market in the US. Swift has shut down the “platinum pricing” option on Ticketmaster, with no rumors about it; this was very controversial on the Bruce Springsteen tour, which took advantage of the increased apparent value in artist camps.

According to Pollstar, the average par value of Swift’s nightly concert tickets in the US was $253.56 – a fraction of their IRL value, as it turned out. Needless to say, though, on track to become music’s top-grossing single tour, Swift probably doesn’t spend much time regretting his decision to forego dynamic pricing.

Who will break the record? Elton John’s — which Billboard says his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour is worth $887 million — and that tour is scheduled to be completed in a little over a week in July, it still counts, but by far. 8th in Stockholm In January of this year, Elton’s tour was the first to exceed $800 million.

Before Elton moved on, the previous record was held by Ed Sheeran, whose Divide Tour grossed $776.4 million in just a few years. U2’s 360 lap was historically at its peak before Sheeran ascended.

Pollstar said that if Swift had continued touring until the end of 2023, she would have had a chance to cross the billion dollars in a single calendar year. However, she chose to take a two-and-a-half month break between she. 13 shows in Latin America, starting August 13 in Mexico City and ending in Brazil on November 26, and continuing the tour in Tokyo on February 7 early next year, making its way to Asia, Australia and eventually Europe.

Tour-related dollars unrelated to tickets are also impressive. Pollstar estimates to QuestionPro, an online research group, that the US leg of the tour will generate $5 billion in economic impact in cities it tours (“more than the gross domestic product of 50 countries”).

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