Taylor Swift’s Sad New Song ‘You’re Losing Me’ Loses Fans

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As the man said, sad songs tell a lot. And in brand new condition Taylor Swift Some fans of the song “You’re Losing Me” believe the lyrics say a lot about her relationship status over the past year.

If her material is nothing, almost always immediately quotable, “You’re Losing Me” has some illusion, starting with the words: “I wouldn’t marry me either / A pathological person who pleases people / Just wants you to see him.” Yet the general style is more fatalistic than tired: “Do I throw away everything we’ve built, or do I keep it? / I’m tired even for a phoenix / I’m always reborn from the ashes / I mend all your wounds / You may have just dealt the final blow.”

The new track isn’t officially widely available, as it’s currently only released in a CD version available to fans who guard their product stands this weekend at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Fans were so eager to get their hands on the disc as it was advertised as the only way to get the new song that queues began to form in earnest at the stadium on Thursday, long before the merchandise stands opened. day Friday at 12:30. Inevitably, some of the first attendees got back in their cars and uploaded the greedily anticipated new track for the rest of the world to hear… and delve into the perceived personal details.

The song is not a disappointment in this respect. Billed as a “Vault Track” written during the same writing sessions that produced the track”midnight“album. As the album tends to an upbeat, sensual fare, it was unlikely to fit that record stylistically or thematically, this is Swift’s first song in years that seems to describe a present-day relationship in unhappy terms. It’s likely to be perceived as personal rather than fictional. Naturally Initial reactions were that he could describe the cracks in a years-long relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, who had been characterized in much happier terms for the remainder of “Midnights” and the four albums before it.

Mention of marriage or not will be particularly provocative for fans. In a recent song titled “Lavender Haze” from the “Midnights” title song, Swift said, “All they ask me is if I’ll be your bride / The girl they see as a one night stand or a wife, while avoiding the idea of ​​the only kind of “50s shit they want from me.”

The overall lyrics of the song is a play on “we’re losing it”, which is often heard in emergency room situations at medical shows. Swift replied, “I sent you signals and bit my nails all the way / My face was gray, but you didn’t admit that we were sick.”


The sad tone of the song is contrasting. Two other new songs that Swift released late Thursday night, both are more widely available as part of the deluxe digital edition of “Midnights” subtitled “Til Dawn Edition”. Neither was a completely new song, but both were embraced enthusiastically – a remix of “Karma” with rapper Ice Spice and a new version of “Snow on the Beach” with new, sweeping lead vocals from co-writer and featured artist Lana Del. King.

Lyrics to the new song, as penned by fans – a rare Swift bridge being longer than all the lines or choruses of the piece:


You say “I don’t understand” and I say “I know you don’t understand”.

We thought a cure would come in time, I’m afraid it won’t now

Remember looking at this room, we loved it because of the light

Now I’m sitting in the dark and wondering if it’s time


Do I throw away or hide everything we’ve built?

I’m getting tired even for the phoenix

always rise from the ashes

Healing all your wounds

You may have struck the final blow


Stop, you’re losing me

Stop, you’re losing me

Stop, you’re losing me

I can’t find a pulse

My heart won’t start for you anymore

because you are losing me

Verse 2

Every morning I look at you with storms in my eyes

How do you say you love someone who you can’t say is dying?

I feel the signs and bite my nails fast

My face was white but you didn’t admit that we were sick


And the air is full of lies and indecision

I know my pain is such an imposition

Now you’re running down the aisle

And you know what they all say

“You don’t know what you have until you’re gone”


Stop, you’re losing me

Stop, you’re losing me

Stop, you’re losing me

I can’t find a pulse

My heart won’t start for you anymore

because you are losing me

because you are losing me

Stop because you’re losing me

AFTER chorus

My heart doesn’t work anymore (Stop, cause you’re losing me)

My heart doesn’t work anymore (Stop, cause you’re losing me)


What a sad song can we be

‘Until you go too far to bring it back to life?

I gave you my best selves, my infinite empathy

And all I did was bleed trying to be the bravest soldier

I’m just fighting in your army, on the frontlines, don’t ignore me

I’m the best thing at this party (You’re losing me)

And I wouldn’t marry me either

A pathological person is pleasing

Just who asked you to see it

And I’m breathing thinking

“Do something baby, say something” (Say something)

“Lose something baby, risk something” (You’re losing me)

“Choose anything baby, I got nothing” (I got nothing)

“To believe unless you choose me”

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