Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ Makes Almost Half of Spotify’s Top 50

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Taylor Swift‘S “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” is not just a one-day streaming marvel. Yes, it hit the single-day highs. spotify so far this year when it comes out on Friday. But as of Monday evening, with the new album still 96 hours away, Swift is so dominant in the music world that she holds 23 of the top 50 spots on the Spotify US Top 50 chart. plus the resurrected “Cruel Summer”.

Its dominance globally is also almost complete. At Spotify’s Global Top 50 at the same time on Monday night, Swift held a third of the 50 spots on the list, which represented 17 songs.

The remake of “Speak Now” clearly drives much of that action, but one of the curiosities of this unique Swift summer is the singer’s comeback on No. 3, new album “I Can See You (From the Vault)” just before number 4.

From the album “Lover” to radio, Republic promotes the relative ex as its Song of the Summer nominee, and it works – “Cruel Summer” jumped to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Monday and peaked at #1. It’s just shy of 7,30.3 million radio broadcast viewer views and 15 million streams. This gives Swift two songs currently in the top 10 of Billboard, and the remix of “Karma” (with Ice Spice) from the album “Midnights” is still at #9. Released in a week, “I Can See You (From the Vault)” could join the other two, and Swift could hit the top 10 with three songs from three different albums.

But let’s not get over ourselves just yet. What Swift has accomplished on the Spotify chart right now is impressive enough, especially now that a new album has been released a few days and the initial fan hysteria has subsided.

On the US Spotify chart, less than four days before the new album’s release, Swift’s current top song “I Can See You (From the Vault)” follows Olivia Rodrigo’s #1 “Vampire”. The song could have been a fan favorite among the six Vault tracks on “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” even if she hadn’t released a standout music video late Friday night featuring her reunion with her long-time ex-boyfriend Taylor. Lautner and the 2010 “Mean” music video are now adult stars.

Swift has six songs in Spotify’s top 10 in the US, followed by “I Can See You” and then “Taylor’s Version” remakes “Back to July”, “Mine”, “Enchanted” and “Sparks Fly” ranks 6th. “Cruel Summer”, “Lovers” at numbers 7 and 10 and 8.

Moreover, the total of his songs is 18 in the top 25. The second most popular Vault track after “IU Can See You” is “Castles Crumbling”, the 11th duet with Paramore’s Hayley Williams. behind it is a new version of “Better Than Revenge” at number 12 with a polarizing updated lyrics.

Spotify hasn’t officially released many statistics about Swift, except to indicate that the new album had its biggest single release day of 2023 on Friday, and also set the single-day release record for a country album. (Probably a large percentage of fans don’t think of “Speak Now” – the old version or the re-recorded one – as country per se, given that it had progressed well to pop dominance by 2010, but it was classified as such for Spotify and many other charting purposes. not for pop.)

But a few fan-driven accounts are keeping a close eye on Swift’s Spotify achievements, creating their own charts that compare the artist’s current success to that of others and his own.

Independent Twitter account Taylor Swift Charts(@chartstswift) points out that “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” produced the second-best number of Spotify for a female artist in a single day in the app’s history, with 126.4 million streams; this was just a number before. “Midnights” was beaten by Swift himself last fall when he amassed a record-breaking 184.7 million streams on its first day.

According to this account’s charts, on the list of the 20 best single days for albums by female artists in Spotify history, Swift has 18 of those 20 spots, with only the blockbuster debut days of a few Ariana Grande albums holding her back from a clean performance. sweep (Spotify reps said they couldn’t confirm this ranking, but Taylor Swift Charts has a good track record for keeping track.)

A few days before the weekly chart cycle ends, Hits Daily Double estimates that “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” will debut between 650,000 and 700,000 units; this will be the best debut album of 2023 ever — eclipsing even 501,000 albums. The first week of Morgan Wallen’s blockbuster “One Thing at a Time.”

If that 650K+ prediction comes true, it won’t match Swift’s latest brand new album “Midnights,” which sold over 1.1 million units last October. But this would be the biggest start of his three re-recordings to date. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” debuted at 605,000 units in late 2021, and “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” debuted with 291,000 units earlier that year.

In the UK, Swift’s three songs from the two albums are expected to hit the Top 10 of the Official Singles Chart by the end of the week, according to midweek forecasts. “Mine (Taylor’s Version)” reportedly ranked 4th as the highest new entry of the week, followed by “Better Than Revenge (Taylor’s Version)” debuted at 7th. “Cruel Summer” is on track to maintain its 8th position in the UK.

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