Ted Cruz Inexplicably Uses Pat Benatar’s Music as the Embodiment of Evil

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Which performer most people thought best represented pure, demonic evil in music, Pat Benatar It would not be the first place they would go. But you. ted cross Most people aren’t, as Thursday showed by citing Benatar, who appears intent on portraying the much-loved, seemingly benign Rock & Roll Hall of Famer as an emblem of Satan.

Appearing on Joe Pagliarulo’s conservative talk show, Cruz was asked if he was likely to become President. Joe Biden He could be both impeached and convicted by the overwhelming majority in the Senate, a fantasy scenario that some on the far right clearly hoped for.

“If you had a video of the Senate Democrats killing children while Joe Biden was singing Pat Benatar under the full moon, they wouldn’t have voted to convict,” Cruz said.

“This is insane,” a laughing Pagliarulo replied—not because the Democrats were apparently thirsty to blame Biden, not for Cruz’s vision of a demonic karaoke rendition of “Love Is a Battlefield.”

The quote caused music fans and political observers to ridicule Cruz for taking the most inappropriate name possible from the air to summon Lucifer’s powers. “Obviously, the funniest part is that Pat Benatar is, in a spontaneous moment, the most sinister and evil rock & roll Ted Cruz can think of,” wrote CNN commentator Jay Michaelson.

Others noted that it seemed more like a prepared statement than a confused improvisation, and wondered which was worse. Some may have meant that Cruz was a shrewd reference to Benatar’s hit “Hell Is for Children,” which, if he intended, was considered an unusually sensitive song to play during a sacrifice ceremony, a song that was acclaimed for bringing. awareness of the plight of child abuse – but hey, that was a theory.

Cruz’s press office did not respond to repeated requests for clarification regarding the mention of Benatar.

Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo He responded with a very light applause on his Facebook accounts and posted the following message: “Good Try!”

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo’s Sen. Ted Cruz on their Facebook page

Benatar’s press representative said in public statements that the particularly partisan or non-political singer would not comment further on Cruz’s bizarre name control.

Benatar and Giraldo have planned a traveling black mass—sorry, a concert tour—for this summer that begins July 22 in Northfield, Ohio. It includes seven dates the couple will appear in stadiums with Pink, including the show at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium on November 5. (Full route can be found Here.)

There is no information on whether the black hooded robes will be available at the product stands.

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