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Ten Tonnes have released ‘Dancing, Alone’, the title track of their upcoming album, which will be released this summer.

The moody and contagious guitars covered in this release take us in a new direction on what to expect from Ten Tonnes.

“This is the title track of the new album and one of the main foundations on which I’ve built the rest of the record,” explains Ten Tonnes, aka Ethan Barnett. Starting with a dark and atmospheric guitar riff, the song continues with old vocals ready to be played at festivals.

The lyrics reflect the struggles to find your way as a young adult and refer to nights out. “Go down to Club 85 on a Saturday night, stand under the blazing disco lights, throw myself in, wait in the crowd, in the corner until the lights go out, lonely nights, in a dream, my heart bleeds.” The song explores the distractions that stem from feelings of loneliness, especially by surrounding yourself with people to feel less isolated through club culture. The lyrics move from negative emotions to momentary distractions. Thinking whether they’re useful or not will eventually result in everything sinking again?

Ethan Barnett demonstrates his versatility in songwriting with this new album that can reflect both internally and externally. Expressing the frustration of conflicting emotions, Ten Tonnes continues to sing “I can’t spend another second by myself but that’s all I do dude, I have to get out”.

If you’re a fan of indie-rock music, ‘Dancing, Alone’ will be a real earworm for you. Stunning guitars match an irresistible chorus. “It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written and I think it shows a completely different taste of the album and highlights the breadth of the songwriting,” says Ethan Barnett of this release.

It’s an indie-rock song born to be played for the festival crowd. Contagious and energetic with a catchy chorus. A must-hear new track from Ten Tonnes.

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