The 20 best songs of 2019


Breaking up is hard to do and sometimes even harder to explain. The Rostam Batmanglij-produced lead single from Clairo’s Immunity album painfully explores the kind of insignificant, unspoken things that accumulate and coalesce the moment a loved one walks out the door with those bags. Subdued, soulful, and moving, the song elevated the 21-year-old from YouTube phenomenon to bona fide pop star.
memorable lyrics: “Can you see me? I’m waiting for the right moment / I can’t read you, but if you want, the pleasure is all mine.”

3. Lil Nas X feat Billy Ray Cyrus, Old Town Road (Remix)
Love it, hate it or even love to hate it, you can’t deny the song’s dominance in 2019. We all know the story: a $30 YouTube beat, a Nine Inch Nails sampler, a viral moment on TikTok that became in a controversy over whether or not the song could be classified as country music, and the genius move of adding Billy Ray Cyrus to the remix. It never should have worked, but it did.
memorable lyrics: “Riding on a horse, ha / You can whip your Porsche / I’ve been in the valley / You haven’t left that porch, now.”

2. Lizzo, Juice

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