The Drums – ‘I Want It All’ — When The Horn Blows


The drums are back and this time it’s personal. “I Want It All” is the first single from their upcoming album.

Founding band member Jonathan Pierce remains the beating heart of The Drums, though he may be the last original drummer boy. This resulted in him writing his most personal work to date, his latest single is no exception.

“I Want It All” is a poignant reflection on his difficult upbringing as a young boy struggling with his sexuality in a small town with two Pentecostal priests for his parents. This is far from the sunny indifference of ‘Let’s Surf’, but it means much more than that.

Speaking about The Drums’ latest single, Pierce said, “It’s only in the last few years that I really started to understand what happened to me as a kid, which helped me start to build my own bridge towards true love. The song is a declaration – I will take what was never given to me. I want the full experience of being human, involving love and connection. I want them all.

5-minute magnum-opus, “Was it that hard to be a little nicer?” with the curiosity of a child longing for love, eyes wide open. This is the record Pierce has always wanted to make, 13 years after The Drums’ exciting debut, the enigmatic lead singer no longer hides who he is and embraces painful home realities like an old friend.

by words Oliver Evans

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