The Grateful Dead Joins TikTok


The age of the “truckin” is now TikTok-inside’. Despite Grateful Dead Disbanded as a real group since the mid-90s, the group now officially exists on the TikTok social platform. Coincidentally, or perhaps strategically, the band joined the fan-favorite stoner holiday 4/20.

The first post from the band’s new account (@gratefuldead) is “St. Stephen” was recorded at Fillmore West in San Francisco. The 30-second clip is a mix of archival footage and handmade artwork, among other elements.

Although today is the first day Dead has an official account, the band’s music became available in March for other TikTokkers to use in their short videos.

An announcement from Rhino Entertainment, which currently manages Dead’s catalogue, said that “the channel will serve as an outlet to celebrate the band and their fans over decades of music, generations of community, and endless creativity that weaves every new medium.” The age of world counterculture and consciousness.”

While TikTok is seen as the most used platform by emerging artists (and/or one-hit wonders), older artists have had huge success through the app, whether it’s simply monetizing old music through memes or actually getting songs back on the charts. , as Fleetwood Mac did after “Dreams” was used as the soundtrack to a viral video.

Recently, other classic rock bands have made headlines just by joining the platform, as has the Rolling Stones. A few people like Elton John, who has 2 million followers, are active on TikTok. Others are more passive and, as the explanations of Prince, John Lennon, and George Michael would attest, death does not preclude a presence there for a catalogue.

Dead’s rise on social media continues, even as a side group. dead and companyGet ready to play their last show this year.

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