The Japanese House- ‘Sad To Breathe’ — When The Horn Blows


The Japanese House is announcing their new album “In The End It Always Does” with their new 1975 inspired single “Sad To Breathe”.

Amber Bain has been releasing music under the pseudonym The Japanese House since her debut in 2015, creating a new, mysterious sound in the indie-pop space.

But this new piece brings us a little closer to throwing off that mystery. Describing the feelings of longing, desire and loneliness, ‘Sad To Breath’ wears his heart on his sleeve. Bain’s honest songwriting culminates in the chorus of “I go to bed and cry because it’s sad to breathe air while you’re gone.”

Amber Bain herself produced, along with Chloe Kraemer and George Daniel from The 1975. “Sad To Breath” sees House of Japan leaning more towards pop. The influence of George Daniel is noticeably present, with an energetic and funky beat reminiscent of The 1975 while preserving the enigmatic nature of The Japanese House.

Bain says of the new single, “It’s about the feeling of helplessness when someone dumps you and the disbelief that they can let go. It’s funny how you have such wildly dramatic thoughts that seem so real at the time but can miraculously look lovingly at your entire life being ruined. They’re all coming back.

“Sad To Breath” delivers heartbreaking lyrics to an upbeat pop track. With calm vocals paired with a melodic piano, the opening quickly accelerates to become an upbeat bedroom pop single that hides the true identity of a sad breakup song.

The Japanese House has continued to evolve since it started in 2015. Growth and experience are showcased in this latest single before their highly anticipated second album is released later this year.

by words Anna Street

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