Theater Camp Stars Ben Platt and Noah Galvin Talk About New Movie


good to know that Ben Platt and Molly Gordon’s failed childhood crush didn’t stop them from remaining friends for life. Actors in the leadTheater CampA mock documentary about a performing arts summer camp co-directed by Gordon and Nick Lieberman. Said romance blossomed when Platt and Gordon were just 7 years old.

“I think I gave her this charm bracelet in case we’re meeting now,” Platt recalls when she was on the show this week.Just for Diversity” digital audio file. “He freaked out and said to his mom, ‘I’m not ready,’ so I gave it to another girl. Instead, I gave Molly a picture frame with a picture of me and Molly in it because it was like, ‘Here’s a friendship thing.’ was devastated.”

On the podcast, Platt is joined by the “Theatre Camp” lead actress and her future husband. Noah Galvin. Adapted from the 2020 short film of the same name, “Theatre Camp” was written by the couple alongside Gordon and Lieberman.

The film, which also stars Ayo Ediberi, Amy Sedaris, Jimmy Tatro, Alan Kim, Patti Harrison and Caroline Aaron, is often compared to Christopher Guest films. “It’s our wildest dreams,” says Platt, “and ‘Waiting for Guffman’ was a huge inspiration… Also, one of the reasons we wanted to make the movie in the first place was to have a place to gather our community. funny, talented. friends and give them a place to play and give them autonomy and create this little collective of ours.

Galvin said, “We were the right people for the job. We all came from the world of youth theater. We all love him so much and he’s so close and dear to us that I think we’re the right people to skewer him and make fun of him.

Announcing their engagement on Instagram in November after Platt proposed to Galvin, the duo could not actually separate their work from their personal lives. “In this movie, Molly, Ben, Nick and I were all living together in a house about 12 minutes from camp,” says Galvin. “I think in a movie like this you have 19 days, limited money, limited everything, with a lot of goose poop on the ground, a lot of mosquitoes, a lake full of E. coli, there is no real way to leave that area… without bringing it home. While I think that in many other situations this can be unhealthy. I think it really served the piece and made it feel more like camping.

Platt goes so far as to describe the project as “our first child together.”

Since they’re music queens, I also asked Platt and Galvin to consider a series of Broadway-themed questions.

Although they were reluctant to name their favorite show, Platt eventually admitted: “I watched a weird tour of ‘Grease’ once and I definitely didn’t like it. It wasn’t even a real national tour. It was a regional meeting in San Francisco… an interesting bare-bones ‘Grease’ and the material didn’t hold up that well.

If their wedding had to be Broadway themed, Galvin’s first choice would be “The Secret Garden.” But then Platt said, “Even if you don’t want it to be super bushy, maybe that’s wrong.”

“Theater Camp” is in theaters on July 14.

Listen to the full interview with Platt and Galvin above. Wherever you download your favorite podcasts, you can also find “For Variety Only”.

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