Tim Bachman Dies: Guitarist of Bachman-Turner Overdrive Was 71 Years Old


Tim BachmannHis son Ryder, one of the founding members of Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive, along with his brothers Randy and Robbie, died from complications of cancer, he said on Friday.

Bachman played the guitar and was the lead vocalist in the band Randy was the lead singer. After BTO’s first two albums, both released in 1973, he left the band in 1974, returned to reunite in 1984, and then became the leader of the band’s touring edition in the late ’80s.

“I’m grateful to finally be able to spend some time with him,” Ryder wrote on Facebook. “Take the ones you love and hug them tight, you never know how much time you have left.” In a previous post, he wrote that doctors had found “cancer ripped all over his brain.”

He continued, “I sat with my dad yesterday afternoon and remembered some of the good times we had. He was pretty outside most of the time, but at one point he looked at me with really big eyes and said, ‘I love you Paxton, keep sharing the music…’ and then he passed out. “It’s really hard to watch them lie down helpless and sick, and there’s nothing you can do to help them. You’re breaking my heart.”

Tim Bachman founded Bachman-Turner Overdrive from Winnipeg in 1973 with Fred Turner and his brothers Randy and Robbie. Before Tim left the band in 1974, they recorded hits with “Let It Ride” and “Takin’ Care of Business”. The group’s #1 single “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” was released shortly after leaving the group.

Songs he co-wrote during his first short tenure included “Down and Out Man” and “I Don’t Have to Hide.”

Bachman-Turner Overdrive was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2014.

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