Tones & I – ‘I Am Free’ — When The Horn Blows


Australian singer-songwriter Toni Watson, better known as Tones & I, had the musical success story every artist dreams of. Before his breakthrough in 2020, Watson was ringing the streets of Melbourne. Ironically, his honest approach to the daily cycle of entertaining the crowd in order to succeed as a recording artist, ‘Dance Monkey’ became the big hit he worked so hard for. Not only did it make a name for it, it broke the charts previously held by Whitney Houston and Rihanna and is the 3rd most streamed song ever on Spotify.

Three years later, his honesty serves a different purpose on his latest album, ‘I Am Free’. “It’s about thinking to myself about these relationships, accepting that I still carry parts of them with me, and taking my share of what happened,” Watson told me more about the independent path.

Backed by a choir and orchestra, the piano-driven exuberant march is less of a melancholy, more of a hopeful vision for the future. While the Tarot cards don’t offer much insight into what awaits the Melbourne megastar, one thing is for sure, Tones & I will be touring with Macklemore playing shows in Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham. And London this april

Tones & I has made a brilliant career from diary-like admissions that are as catchy as they are candid. It’s clear that “I’m Free” is a gripping episode and makes it clear that her story isn’t over yet.

by words Oliver Evans

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