Toosii, Tatiana Manaois, Adelso On Summer Anthem ‘Favorite Song’


When listeners look back on their favorite late spring/early summer 2023 anthem, for many, it will most certainly be the New York rapper and vocalist. tosii‘s warmly embraced “Favorite Song”. A spare, punchy ballad with a gorgeous, moving melody, a subtly infectious chorus, and a positive, romantic message (“No makeup, no eyelashes, you look even better when you wake up”) took 15 weeks, as well as hitting #5 on the Hot 100. 1 on the “Favorite” Rap Streaming Songs Chart, Hot Rap Songs Chart, and R&B/Hip. -Hop Chart, all with over 400 million combined global streams. “Favorite Song” has garnered over 61 million video views on YouTube alongside its platinum-certified victory and is currently the highlight of “Naujour” Toosii’s newly released debut album.

“Although it’s interconnected, every track on my new album has a different story and a feeling behind it,” Toosii said of her debut feature album via Zoom. “But ‘Favorite Song’ definitely stands alone as an anomaly. You definitely have your own story.

Some of the unique vibe and hit-making vibe of this Toosii track comes from how “Favorite Song” was put together from the beginning by the Rhode Island-based producer. adelsoWith the use Tatyana ManauisGentle 2022 acoustic guitar-mined ballad “You Might as Well” as the introduction to Toosii’s new summer anthem.

The New York rapper was already in a roll with consistent, smooth-running R&B-rap tracks like “Love Is…”, “Heartaches” and “Magic Potion” when he heard from producer Adelso. “When I felt the rhythm, I was driving home in the early morning and trying to piece everything together as soon as I heard it,” Toosii says. I love when the beats talk to me. Don’t think too much. Listen to the rhythm and it will tell you what to say.”

Tatiana Manaois was a longtime independent, self-released singer-songwriter before releasing “You Might As Well” in November 2022. She was using the song’s delicate lyrics as a healing process. “Where I was alive back then took that road,” he says with a laugh. “It was such an important moment that I threw up on a piece of paper. To be honest, it was supposed to get me out of any situation where I didn’t belong and win.

“Still, the song didn’t make much sense,” he adds, “until Adelso came along and liked the song and asked him to include it in his own voice.”

Inspired by Tatiana’s melody and lyrics in “You Might As Well,” Adelso sampled the song’s emotional centerpiece vocal, and posted her new track on Instagram before posting it to Toosii. “Tatiana’s lyrics and how she portrayed those emotions through her vocals really stood out for me,” says the producer. “I did my part, took the vocals and went to FL Studio (a digital audio workstation,, I placed a piano on it, added drums and put my melody on it. It was special but still felt like it was just another hit I did at first.

Adelso was already friends with Toosii on Instagram and they exchanged kicks every day. “This shot just hit hard,” the producer said.

“I always tell the producers to be consistent in what they do and send, because you never know when you’re going to get that hit,” says Toosii of Adelso and Manaois, who “puts together all the mixed bits and pieces.” He managed to incorporate Manaois’ original vocal entrance as part of Adelso’s warm melody while adding his own rhythmic flow to a love story for his life partner.

“I was going on my own when I heard his words, so the day after Adelso sent me the track I woke up, went to the studio and dropped everything off,” the rapper says. “I don’t even know if Adelso realized how quickly I started doing this.”

Elastic vocalist Khalid and nervous rapper Future jumped into additional mixing of “Favorite Song”, though Toosii’s original version with Manaois in the lead entered the top 10, peaking at number 5 in the process.

“I’m proud of that,” says All-star remix guest Toosii. “They did what they had to do – they brought more attention to the original. I never wanted the version of Khalid or Future to be bigger than the original. They added value to my version that I was working on with lovely people like Tatiana and Adelso. She did her job. Adelso did her bit. Hit “We didn’t need the features to be. They’re all at home.”

Manaois adds that the reason Toosii believes his “Favorite Song” is so powerful is that the meaning of his lyrics intertwines elegantly with his original intent. “If I feel something, someone Or you must be feeling it too. Toosii took this to another level, that’s all any artist can hope for: What we do is not misunderstood. When you find a companion in life, you want to travel with him to the end. Toosii took the same message and brought it to a more intimate, romantic place. He turned our mix into the perfect recipe.”

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