Travis Scott to Release ‘Circus Maximus’ Movie Simultaneously With Album


Ready to expand your theater experience to include “Scottieheimer”? hip hop artist travis scott He has a feature film released this weekend. He announced the release of “Circus Maximus” via a tweet (or rather, an X) and revealed a poster image of himself on a motorcycle and received the writer-director’s praise. Harmony KorineValdimar Johannsson and Kahlil Joseph.

Still, it’s a mystery who is behind the movie. An A24 logo appears in Scott’s poster image, indicating that the company is the producer of the film, but still being asked about the project. VariationThe company says the film isn’t actually theirs.

Whether the film is a narrative film or an omnibus of linked music videos will also be announced, but the long list of directors will point to the latter. There’s also a 32-second trailer for the movie, which doesn’t contain any credits or distribution information, and consists of completely different shots of Travis shot in exotic locations or in taxis lurching around the city streets.

AMC theater listings confirm the runtime and indicate that the movie will be shown on an irregular release pattern in certain theaters. LA area listings show a single run time on Thursday, as promised in the brief introduction, plus additional shows on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday—again, once a day.

Its big-screen premiere Thursday night will roughly coincide with the release of Scott’s long-promised new album “Utopia” on the crack of Friday morning at midnight ET.

The film’s description on the AMC chain’s website reads: “Get ready to enter ‘Circus Maximus’ as Travis Scott takes his audience on a mind-blowing visual journey around the world, interwoven with the loudspeaker clatter of his highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Utopia’. The film is a surreal and psychedelic journey that unites a group of visionary filmmakers from around the world in an ever-changing exploration of the power of the human experience and soundscapes.”

Hiring the top five filmmakers to co-direct (or “additional directors”) a film isn’t the only unusually ambitious venture Scott has taken on recently. He is preparing to give a concert in front of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt this Friday; The event will be broadcast live. The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate stated that the show should be cancelled, but Live Nation announced that it would continue as planned.

“Utopia” is Scott’s first album after “Astroworld” in 2018. A single “K-Pop” featuring The Weeknd and Bad Bunny was released last week.

While the music and movie worlds wondered what the movie really was (possibly including A24), Scott suggested that more information might have to wait. “We’ll talk more when I get better service, lmaoooo,” X-ed said on Tuesday afternoon.

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