Tribulation – Hamartia (EP Review)


Tribulation – Hamartia (EP Review)

The idea of ​​an EP versus an LP release is one that many Heavy Metal bands cross the line at times. One thing elite fans are ambivalent about, in reality both formats can be valuable at different points in a band’s career. In the case of Sweden’s Tribulation, which recently released a collection of four songs, hamartiaEP is definitely very useful.

The latest effort, released on April 7, 2023, via Century Media Records, features not only the first new music in two years, but also their newest member, Guitarist Joseph Tholl. Working with Adam Zaars, the two guitarists managed to establish a writing bond between them that worked quite well. hamartia. Complementing it all, Vocalist/Bassist Johannes Andersson, along with Drummer Oscar Leander, creates a complete line-up, a whirlwind of entertainment.

It all starts with the title track, with guitars and drums that start with full-blown blackened vocals but soon set in motion some Gothic Rock vibes. A fine mix that breathes new life into an ever-changing band, “Axis Mundi” offers some Melodic Death Metal riffs that then land nicely on occult-style vocals. Tribulation, one of the elements that brings the piece closer to the Death Rock sound, never sets strict rules on song structure and therefore they thrive when creating pieces that all seem to fit together.

Continuing, the third track, “Hemoclysm,” once again journeys through a selected mix of subgenres; Creating a unique style that is still unmistakably Tribulation. Which brings us to the finale, where they offer an interesting twist to Blue Öyster Cult’s “Vengeance (The Pact)”. A very odd rendition, surprisingly enough, because the band stays true to the Blue Öyster Cult style (with some clean vocals and riffs), but still manages to blend in with their own energies.

Despite hamartia It is short, you can listen to it many times without getting bored. A welcome introduction to their work, the EP shows that there is still a bright future for Tribulation…even in the darkest, most ominous way possible. That’s why Cryptic Rock gives hamartia 4.5 out of 5

Boredom – Hamartia / Century Media (2023)

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