U2’s Las Vegas Run Extended Until Early November – But It Could Happen

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In the four days since it was announced u2After their first date for limited attendance at the massive new Sphere in Las Vegas, the number of shows has gradually increased. Just five concerts announced on Monday have grown to a dozen shows as of Wednesday, and now there are 17 concerts on sale this week, with five more concerts added on Thursday morning.

But if you need to watch this show, don’t sleep on these 17 dates assuming the band will continue to add more extensions. The extension until November 4, announced Thursday, could represent the end of the run, as he said in an earlier interview. Variation, edge He said the band will likely be limited to six weeks at the venue – and that these new dates have gotten him this far.

The group is officially booked at the one-of-a-kind venue from September 1. From 9 to 4 November, mostly on weekends, including some Wednesdays. The group no longer officially declares that this represents the entirety of the engagement, but Edge has made it clear what the outer limits of their time in Vegas will be. If there are more dates to add, Sphere only has one additional weekend to take place before their calendar fills up with other events.

inside Q&A with Variation Published Monday, Edge said, “Due to the size of the venue, the scope of this run will probably be six weeks at most. And really realistically we couldn’t have done more shows than that. So I don’t really think it qualifies as a classic specialty.” With the addition of the latest dates, U2’s engagement on the Sphere now spans six weeks, as Edge predicted.

The venue still looks dark on the weekend of November 10, which could possibly allow U2 to add a few extra dates to close the run. But there is no emergency opening after that. On the weekend of November 11, the Sphere is unavailable due to F1 racing on the streets of Las Vegas, and seats outside the Sphere have been sold out for racing fans.

Then, Darren Aronofsky’s “Postcard From Earth” is selling tickets for Fridays and Saturdays from November 24 to April 2025 this year – which strongly suggests that U2 is not currently considering Thanksgiving, Christmas or Christmas. is showing. Another vacation in Nevada for the next year and a half. If U2 decides to strike a comeback deal, canceling a few remote Aronofsky screenings might not be the hardest thing in the world. But while the band has suggested regular tour and album possibilities for 2024, the safest bet is to assume that U2 really plans to extend that run to six weekends, or a maximum of seven.

Assuming the run will be limited to 17 shows and they’re all sold out – which seems like a very safe bet – then, with a capacity of around 20,000 attendees per concert (general admission has increased from the usual 17,000 due to standing space), U2 will be around 340,000 when they exit the globe in November. It will be played for the person.

Unfortunately, if you’re currently only reading about shows and think you’d like to buy tickets, you may be out of luck without at least contacting a retailer. Thursday’s new show announcement showed that only ticket buyers who signed up for the – now closed – Verified Fan registration will be able to purchase seats even for newly added shows. “To meet the high registration demand that has already been received, only those who have already registered and received a code will be able to participate in the Verified Fan pre-sale for the new dates (October 27, 28, November 1, 3 and 4 this time,” the notification said. If those who have the code do not run out of stock for the additional dates, there will be a general discount on Ticketmaster at 10:00 on Friday.

To read what Edge said Variation about the show and its emphasis on the “Achtung Baby” album (but not a revival of the “Zoo TV” tour), click Here.

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