Vice News Releases ‘Scream of My Blood’ Trailer Ahead of Karlovy Vary Screening


Deputy News He released the trailer for his documentary “Scream of My Blood: A”. Gogol brothel Story to be shown” Karlovy Vary Film Festival next week.

The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in early June, and Nate Pommer, who co-directed with Eric Weinrib, received a special jury mention. The jury said the film was recognized “for its enduring use of art as a weapon against hypocrisy and authoritarianism.”

The jury added: “We are grateful to the director for translating Gogol Bordello’s rebellious joy and anger at staying human and alive in the face of everything time throws his way.”

The film is an intimate portrait of Ukrainian-born punk musician Eugene Hütz spanning his career. It chronicles Hütz’s childhood journey to the United States, his rise to fame with the punk band Gogol Bordello, and his return to Ukraine after the Russian occupation.

When Gogol Bordello took the Lower East Side stage in 1998, he wowed audiences and fellow musicians with his crackling energy and terrifying stage drama. The unpredictability of his live performances, wearing elaborate costumes, lighting a fire on stage, and giving frequent marathon gigs, garnered a devoted fan base.

Their embrace of multiculturalism with members from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Belarus and Russia created a unique style that seamlessly blends the ethnic music of their homeland.

Then came the war in Ukraine. In the movie, Hütz and the band return to Ukraine. This act of solidarity provides a much-needed cathartic escape for soldiers and citizens alike. With his family and friends in danger, Hütz felt compelled to use his music as a weapon against the Russian occupation, using his platform to raise awareness for the Ukrainian people.

Through twenty years of never-before-seen photo and video archives, including concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews, “Scream of My Blood” chronicles Hütz’s journey, using music as a rallying call for cultural values. Identity of Ukraine.

Produced by Beverly Chase. Liev Schreiber and Subrata De serve as executive producers.

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