Will.i.am Will Work With Britney Spears On ‘Mind Your Business’

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on 17 July will.i.am She jumped on her social media and made fun of a new song in collaboration with her old friend and production manager. Britney Spears, “UH OH!! You’re rocking now with will.i.am. and @britneyspears!” The producer and founding member of the Black Eyed Peas, which changed its gears and release date to July 21, later became the new “”mind your businessShe sang a duet with Spears for her second song to be released after her 13-year conservatory ended. (Spears’ other pairing with Elton John on “Hold Me Closer” became their 14th Top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100.)

The backup, electro-stunning “Mind Your Business” marks their first reunion since Spears and Will.i.am produced and co-wrote several songs for their 2013 album “Britney Jean” (including her favorite “Work Bitch”) and triple-platinum hit “Scream & Shout” (which hit a billion views on YouTube earlier this year).

It’s worth noting that the first title on the single belongs to Will.i.am, who is about to complete his fifth solo album, while the producer states that the latest work of “Mind Your Business” gives him and Spears ideas that they will postpone for a possible next collaboration. Meanwhile, Spears, who is currently on Broadway in a hit musical, “Once MoreShe is preparing a promotional campaign for her memoir, “The Woman Inside Me”, which will be published this October.

A fast-talking Will.i.am was in Saint Tropez, France, on Friday morning. Variation I caught up with him about the new release.

Before we talk anything about Britney, your name comes first in “Mind Your Business.” Is this part of a larger project?

will.i.am: This. I have a project towards the end of the year.

Does “Take Your Job” sound like the other songs in this upcoming project?

The project I am currently working on is as follows…. I’m trying most The reason why I try to most because when it comes to music, people—vocals, people on microphones, people on instruments—I want to take advantage of the moment. Right now. As I enter the next phase, I want to create as much man-made music as I can. This is social change. So, I’m doing most, popping, dancing, festive two sonic projects like “Mind Your B” at the same time. Celebration music inspired by many clubs/electronics and discos. Then there’s also an old-school, lyrical, jazz-tuned project – like the original Black Eyed Peas formation. A real backpack, check my words, check the earworms you can’t get out of your head. This is the duality I live in. I love doing both. It’s also important to TikTok, stream and documentaries. I am also working on a doctor. Without giving too much away, the documentary will reveal why I want to do these two projects at the same time. A lot of changes are coming in this decade. A transformational decade.

Does Britney’s “Take Your Job” signify additional work between the two of you, whether it’s for your two new projects or a potential new album for her?

No matter what, how or when, Britney, I’m with her. He’s a darling, great person to work with. I will always make myself available to him.

How did you know each other before working together on “Scream & Shout”? What do you remember about your first meeting?

Portugal, 2007, Rocked at Black Eyed Peas Rio and was the lead actor. “Dang, we’re swinging right before Britney. We need to get it.” I became a huge fan back then because of “Toxic.” That piece changed my life as much as how I wrote and competed in that space. [his version of the “Toxic” intro]We produced “No, no, no, no, don’t phunk with my heart”. At the same time. I told him that. Unbelievable. Video. Choir. Even that noodle guitar. I’m still working on that song. The build and how it does it is excellent. That’s when I became an ultra fan.

So, how does the transition from ultra fan to producer happen?

The first song I did with him was “Big Fat Bass”. Every time I hear this, I know I can do it better. I love it, but I would still change something – check it out. But back then, it was a revisiting that resulted in “Scream & Shout”. I had the perfect thing for “Big Fat Bass”, little slogans and earworms. But “Scream & Shout” became an anthem. He always needed something he could perform, something that would always arouse the participation of the crowd. I don’t follow this, which is Mine my personal favorite was “Work Bitch”. Learn-learn-learn-learn BUGATI. “Work Bitch” is the cheekiest. “Scream & Shout” and “Work Bitch” would top my check-it-out repertoire if any producer asked me about my most avant-garde works and international planet-shakers.

Was getting to the top on these tracks a goal for “Mind Your Business”?

I am competitive. That’s 2023, that’s what people want to hear. But they ask when I recorded this with Britney. Is that really Britney on you? Yes like that. When did I record? It doesn’t matter. For example, I have a track from several recordings, “Girl Like Me”. I wrote and produced for Shakira in 2008 but it came out in 2021. Not everything should happen instantly. If you want to make great wine, there is no such thing as instant wine. Getting drunk on anything you consume takes time. Shit has to sit around for a minute… tweak it, perfect it. Things come out when they’re supposed to. We wrote and produced “Let’s Get Started” in 1999, but didn’t release it until 2003. Some songs like “My Humps” take 30 seconds to write and come out that month. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM. “Mind Your Business” needed time. Now, at this time, it’s perfect.

You started this interview by talking about humanity – humanity about sound and stuff like that. What is the difference between Britney, whom you worked with in 2013, and Britney, whom you interrupted with “Mind Your Job”? And how old is this piece?

The music was different from what you hear now – different mood, different tempo, different everything. When I took it up again, I’m starting to hear how it sits now. I tinkered with different chord sequences to marry the emotion to the present. The truth is, as vocalists, we don’t change. The tone we (Britney and I) now have in our 40s has not changed. His passion… he’s explosive. Do you understand? If Britney breaks into the studio to record right now, it will shake the world. You see her dancing on Instagram. Feel. She wants to quit. She’s the she who inspires, consumes the most electricity, and is ready to explode. The most amazing array of colors. She is love and passion, perspective and introvert. When you want me to be a part of your next project, I’m there. It will be the most human, something that every human being can relate to.

You implied something. GIS morning schedule – how you support him as a person. Does that mean you, as a friend, are aware of the suffocating effect of his 13 years of conservatism? Were you friends enough to have this conversation?

I did not know the depths. I can’t even…. I was a contributor and our connection was music and only music. Sometimes music gets personal, but when it comes to everyday things, no. I didn’t know until everyone knew. But when you put two and two together, it all makes sense.

On “Mind Your Business” you write a verse that says “Put your hands in the cookie jar, they’re watching me, they’re watching you”. You just mentioned Britney’s Instagram. Social media is a deceptive beast.

I’m so glad you pointed that out. Because we all have our own perspective on “looking at your b”.
What do we want people to have in mind? His is a different, more personal job than mine. More extreme. “Out of town. Town center. Everywhere I turn… Paparazzi shot me. I am the economy.” It’s not a very pleasant reality that people follow you even though they know they’re going to get paid, so a person can’t do normal things. That’s the price of fame, of course, but damn, can’t you go to the supermarket? You have to be empathetic to everything that a person might be going through… what they cannot do. Everyone is in your cookies.

Tell me about the last recording of “Take Your Job” and how Britney shared the credits.

She really likes to record her vocals with Anthony Preston. He’s a great vocal producer that he’s worked with forever. I’ll start in the studio, create the mood and Anthony will record the vocals. you wish I recorded the vocal on it. As for writing, we wrote together. We would meet for lunch in the Valley, talk about life, take notes of what we talked about. He wanted to change that, change that. He’s the first person I’ve written this way – let’s sit down and chat about life, love, news, pop culture stuff. Just talk… I would show him song structures, rhymes, metaphors. He would shape and arrange the lyrics. It was the same in music. I changed the music from the beginning. The rhythm was all dance. But in this one episode, “Where-where-where-where-where” hip-hop wanted something sparse and part-time. This is great. He had other great ideas for “Mind Your Business” but it was so interesting that it would be great for a band. brand new crazy song – and that was last week. He always comes up with new songs. i can’t wait

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