Yo-Yo Ma Launches Interactive Bach Music Experience

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famous cellist Yoyo Ma starting seven weeks single The interactive virtual experience is “The Music Art Life Experience” offered by Cafe Media and launched on May 1.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s six suites for solo cello will serve as a starting point for broader exploration of lessons for creativity, community and the pursuit of a rich and purposeful life.

Journalist Krista Tippett, writer Adam Grant and comedian Baratunde Thurston join the musician for talks and programs focusing on the art of living.

Before launching, Ma said Variation“I’m so excited about this. Because it’s interactive, I can get a 360-degree view of how people think, hear and react. Getting it everywhere is something that will never happen. It’s a unique way to create a kind of cultural communication.”

With Bach as the focus of how music intersects with art and life, Ma hopes to delve deeper into the power of music. “Music hits our conscious mind and our subconscious at the same time. On a subconscious level, it hits our emotions. It takes you there to a time, your first kiss, your first dance, your first date, or whatever it is first,” says Ma.

He continued, “It’s so powerful that music can hit all these senses at once. That’s what makes it such a powerful form of expression.”

First introduced to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach at the age of four, Ma recorded cello suites at various stages of his life – in his 20s, 40s and 60s. He explained that the Suites were his constant musical companions. “They gave me sustenance, comfort and joy in times of stress, celebration and loss,” he said.

Alongside the interactive conversations and experience, attendees will have the chance to view rarely seen archival recordings of Ma performing Bach’s six solo suites for cello.

Learn more and register Here.

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