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British alt-rock band Yonaka have released the powerful anthem ‘Welcome To My House’, the title track of their upcoming EP.

Whether you have tea or not, everyone whether they know it or not, he loves YONAKA. Jumping up and down at a concert or nodding to their tracks on the radio, this much-loved trio has been under the world’s radar since the day they started.

They started their new year and new era with “PANIC”, reminiscent of 2021’s “Seize The Power” in terms of style and structure. Loud, powerful soul food. I guess that’s the definition of Yonaka’s music. Following this, the band announced the release of their new single “Welcome To My House” and the EP of the same name. The EP is out on May 26 on Republic Records.

Smooth, fun alt rock might best describe this single. Jarvis’s almost conversational lyricism means messages are spelled as clear as day to the audience, and a roaring chorus is one you’ll just want to dance and shout into.

As a group that always pays attention to detail, the piece’s official visualizer is fascinating. Simple yet effective, YONAKA invites us into their world with Jarvis at the center of the stage – he sings to us, with us. for We.

On the EP, vocalist Theresa Jarvis enlightened the audience as follows: “Each song represents a memory or emotion inside of me… I want listeners to open a door and enter my world and see what each song means to me at that particular time in my life.” YONAKA really invites us into their home – let’s hope they keep the kettle on.

If you want to watch YONAKA live, there is a nationwide history leg between May and September, including The Great Escape in Brighton and the famous Leeds & Reading Festivals, so there really is no excuse to miss it.

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