Zack Fowler – ‘F*** About Me’ — When The Horn Blows


Watch out for the emo kids, Zack Fowler is the new guy in town and pop-punk will break your heart.

Pop-punk rocker Zack Fowler came out of the smoke of everyday life. It brings us realistic, emotional, energetic traces that fill a void in our soul. Looking at the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Blink-182, there’s no doubt they’ve got him in the right direction. He creates his own musical songwriting band by adding EDM to his pop-punk style.

His latest single, “Fuck About Me”, is a witty, fast-paced song that plays in under two minutes. I was really hoping it would take longer but they say great things come in small packages. “Fuck About Me” opens with a bold guitar riff and a drum and bass EDM rhythm that translates into dramatic vocals.

The piece is quite personal for Zack as it deals with rejection and not fitting in with everyday society. Another personal piece that allows us to compare the person Zack Fowler grew up with to where he is now. ‘Fuck About Me’ is a relatable track that forces you to listen closely to the words. Who isn’t “20s emo with guitar” or “really thought of me”. These words are deep and true. The more you listen, the more it becomes clear that no one is truly alone in these experiences.

As the track progresses, it goes up and down, pushing and pulling you in all directions. In a short time, there is a lot out there. Staying with more classic pop-punk style, catchy melody and awesome drums. We still get a little stripped-down moment in the middle. Where we hear the chorus resounding with a slowly shaking guitar.

Zack Fowler is truly the man behind the pop-punk guitar. He’ll wrap you around his finger and sing along with him before you know it.

by words victoria lewis

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